To help members find livelihood and business opportunities and our partner companies to succeed in business.

In this highly competitive business environment, more companies have come to realize that outsourcing workers requirements is one of the cost efficient ways of streamlining their operations, especially if you engaged the services of a Cooperative. Thus, we specifically offer the following services with the basic advantages:

  •   Workforce provider as per company‚Äôs requirement, or absorb existing contractual employees into the Cooperative and deploy       the same persons, as self- employed members/owners of the Cooperative.
  •   Non-existence of employee-employer relationship for both cooperative and assigned members with your company.
  •   Continuous deployment even for more than six (6) months which will result to savings on cost of re-hiring, re-training, and
          laying-off of some of your workers.
  •   Competitive service compensation packages.
  •   VAT Exempted
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